Sustainable Tees, Backyard Beers & Gumtree

When Olly & Nina grew tired of the 9-5, they turned to Gumtree and found a sustainable clothing company for sale that completely mirrored their life ethos. They’ve been running Fair Tees ever since!


Matt & Davey found they shared a passion for brewing beer. A passion that eventually became an obsession. Piece by piece, they slowly turned Davey's backyard into the Hop & Clover microbrewery via Gumtree. But if their wives ask, they haven't bought anything this week...


These are just two in a series of digital shorts we’ve helped create for Gumtree Australia with Dundas Media. Each piece focuses on just one of many successes of the buyers and sellers of Gumtree. 

Creative ● Dundas Media
Director  ● Catherine Sainsbery / Andrew Bell
Director of Photography  ● Tim Alewood
Post ● Andrew Bell